Reflection or Refraction

A phenomenon has taken place on the internet. This phenomenon is called blogging. Blogging is nothing more the journal of people published on the internet. The interesting thing is, other people around the world can share in this journal with you. Another interesting thing that some might not have observed, is the resemblance of a blog site to a personal diary; a hiding place.

There are so many things one could do with the relatively new medium of blogs. They can be almost anything a person wants: a journal, a compilation of links, a scrapbook of information, or even a discussion board and in my case, an assignment. The only definition I’ve seen that can encompass it is that they are postings in reverse chronological order.

Blogs are part of the current “Web 2.0” Internet craze, but do they serve a purpose? In the early years of the Web 2.0’s paradigm (right after the dot-com bubble), experienced web developers, who knew web programming technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, kept blogs to keep track of their mind’s wanderings. They are like a “Captain’s Log” on the Starship Enterprise on the quest of discovery.

Average internet users were left out. But not for long. Once the phenomenon caught on, blogging platforms started to appear. These platforms allow users without technical knowledge of web programming technologies to create and maintain their own blogs. Sites like and have taken the work with web languages out of blogging, opening it up to the general public.

This new found accessibility triggered an explosion of blog sites on the internet. People started referring to blog authors as “bloggers”. For the average Internet surfer, blog sites help them weed out sites worth viewing from the rest, among other things.

In the past few years, blogging has evolved into what some term as “Blogging 2.0”. This refers to blogs that break free from the traditional blogging platform and reach out to their audience through multiple social media platforms. As Duncan Riley stated in The Inquisitr on Blogging 2.0 and Professional Blogging:

The reality is that Web 2.0 is finally catching up to blogging. The walled gardens of singular blogs are making way to social interaction across multiple platforms.”

Social media platforms such as Facebook, make it even easier for people to share their thoughts with others. However, these so-called “new age blogs” are sometimes seen as “vain self publishing” by experienced bloggers. I can see their point, as many inexperienced bloggers seem to ramble on about themselves as if they are to be praised.

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