New Forms of Media Publishing

Turbulent change, high competition, new forms of production and distribution, and entirely new types of products have characterized the situation in the media industry over the past few decades. It has been noted that digitalization is strongly influencing the industry: it is changing the existing market dynamics and requires new strategies long-term survival of the newspaper, magazine and book industries.

The younger a person the more likely they are to have a hand held device. And let’s face it cell phones are much more than just phones now. And so long as platforms are available for ebooks, people are going to be putting them on their phone/laptop/Ipad/pda/dedicated e-reader. Reading is not going to go out of style, but to maximize profits I think that publishers/distributors/authors must move along with the technology. In a perfect world we’d all have a book store within walking distance – well we don’t have a perfect world; but a very nice alternative is a bookstore in everyone’s hand.

YouTube may become the most popular form of new media as it has come to define the era of online video, so let’s take a look at their most popular videos of all time. The latest update shows that Justin Bieber is still the only video over the 300 million views mark, after knocking Lady Gaga off the top spot in August. Bieber is adding over 1 million views every day!

Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris; 344,194,152 views

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