Classification of Blogs and Example of Blogging Communities

Blogging societies are people who have similar area of interest and discuss in a group or in this case a blog. Ways to create a blogging society is by using hyperlinks, forums, tag links, chat space and comment post. This will allow the viewers to be interactive with the blog they are reading and it will help increase the number of audience.  I stumbled upon the internet with these different media types for blogging:

  • vlog – is short video blog, is a term use to describe a blog that contains video clips. Examples of vlog are and
  • linklog – is a blog that consist of other blogs’ URL and you can link to those blogs. Example of a linklog is Lisanova.
  • sketchlog – is a blog that consists of images, especially sketches and other drawings. Example of a sketchlog is rob-sheridan.
  • tumblelog – is a short and concise blog that provides little or sometimes no commentary at all. Example of a tumblelog is projectionist.
  • photolog – is a blog that contains photos, where the photos is the primary element not the text. Example of a photolog is photoshack.
  • splog – is short for spam blog, it is actually a fake blog solely made to promote affiliated Web sites.
  • moblog – is short for mobile blogging. it is a blog where Mobile Phones acts as another device to publish blog entries. Example of a moblog is flickr.

Communities are about common interest (hence the term “community of interest“).  Blogs do not rely on the interests of a community for its existence. Rather, it is more about individual interests. However, since there are many blogs out there, there are bound to be many bloggers who share similar interests. This gave birth to the communities of shared interest amongst blogs. Members in a community — whether blogs or otherwise — stick together as long as those common interests and the connections between the people engage the community members remain strong.

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