Size Does Matter

The online iPad magazine application does look appealing, but it is actually difficult to read. I was very amazed by the style of the first magazine, but by the time I bought the second one, I was already annoyed by it. The graphics aren’t assisting the content. It is boxing it in, limiting it, and generally overloading your brain so you forget what the article and story is about.

Too many iPad developers’ mistake rich media for rich graphics, but that is not what it means. It means that the content is “rich” in its delivery. You make richer content; it’s not about making pretty frames.

I would have agreed that the internet IS better. BUT here’s the thing. I still have subscriptions to “regular” magazines, even though I could probably find that content online for free. Why? When online has all these benefits? The truth is, there is still room for a traditional market. Yes, it will lose some of it’s share of the market, but there has always been something special about picking up that pad of paper, whether you have an internet connection or not. When you’re on the bus, or train, or on your lunch break at work. The iPad magazines are somewhat of a compromise. They’re not perfect from a tech standpoint, they’re not perfect as something to hold in your hands. But they’re a nice midpoint. Improving many aspects of traditional magazines while still keeping as many of the good points as possible. It’s a common practice among web people to simply attack traditional media, but truth be told, there is still room for both.

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