Numbers Don’t Lie: Print Media Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon

I recently stumbled upon an interesting blog entry by Jeremy Porter on He talks about how the major newspapers in the U.S. stack up against each others in terms of circulation and other criteria.

He cited the following circulation numbers from report by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) for the month of March 2010:

  1. Wall Street Journal – 2,092,523
  2. USA Today    1,826,622
  3. New York Times    951,063
  4. Los Angeles Times    616,606
  5. Washington Post    578,482
  6. Daily News    535,059
  7. New York Post    525,004
  8. San Jose Mercury News / Contra Costa Times / Oakland Tribune  516,701
  9. Chicago Tribune    516,032
  10. Houston Chronicle    494,131

At a glance, these numbers certainly look very impressive considering how the digital media has been aggressively encroaching the turf of the traditional print media. In the past decade or so, the print media industry has been struggling to reinvent itself while trying to protect its bread and butter publishing business. Well, it seems like they should be relieved to find that the sky isn’t falling tomorrow… or anytime soon.

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