Hello world!

Why am I blogging? Ms DJ made me do it for my assignment in Issues in Design and Publication. Do I have something to say, or do I just like the idea of having something to say? Do I need to speak or do I need to be heard (even if I have nothing to say)? Do I need to make my mark before I die? Maybe I’m blogging to give something for people to read at my funeral, so they can say, “Man, he had something to say.”

Maybe I blog to imagine myself connected to the world. Maybe I blog to create self-identity (I blog, therefore I am). Maybe I blog to avoid other tasks. Do I want to prove to myself that my brain isn’t deteriorating and that I can still spout original-sounding thoughts?

If I blogged just to create wordy art, I wouldn’t care about how many hits I get, but I do. So maybe I am a performer who craves attention. Maybe I should join a blogging improve group.

Maybe I blog because cyberspace holds out the promise of permanence, and I want to be part of the human record. Maybe I want to be appreciated by someone who understands me exactly, and my chances are better if I send my messages out to nearly random people all over the place.

Maybe it’s the urge to create. Perhaps it’s a desire to get my ideas out there before anyone else thinks of the same ideas and takes all the credit. Maybe it’s to be a part of the world of technology, a member of the Digital Class, an ‘iPerson’.  Now I’m just trying to sound clever again.

I suspect my motivations are many. I blog to entertain myself; I blog to feel like I’m contributing something.  Sometimes I blog because I have something to say, and sometimes I blog because I want to have something to say.  In the next few days, I will be blogging the following:

  • introduction giving an overview of the purpose of your weblog (as stated above)
  • reflections on blogs as a phenomenon and how they have affected our community
  • designing for print versus designing for onlinenew forms of media publishing, e.g. newspapers, magazines are online as well as printed format now
  • classifications of blogs and an example or two of different blogging communities
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